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29 Nov 2011

This Is Hate City

Had an email from a great band in Jo-Burg a while back to create an album cover, After a few discussions we arrived at something that wasnt so 'city' as we thought this may be too obvious, but we still put the Jo-burg skyline in the background and talked about the animals in Africa. Good guys and great band. The spaces on the cover are for more text which we put on later.

30 Jun 2010

War From A Harlots Mouth

I had loads of fun doing this and you will see more and more of this style that I have been producing over the last few months that as of yet I cant show.

21 Aug 2009

Lower Hell album cover.

So the guys were good as gold on this and again just left it up to me and I have been dying to do some samurai for about 6 months but never found the time to do it personally. So when they guys gave me free reign I jumped at the chance to do it.

7 Jul 2009


stoner band wanted me to do whatever I wanted in a stoner manner. Seeing as I am an old stoner (the music!!) I loved doing this piece for them- so nice to flex your full colour muscles.

14 Jan 2009

Within The Ruins

Album art for Within The Ruins for Victory Records. Placement and all text by DoubleJ @ Victory.