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15 Jun 2009

Disturbia / Rasputin / Dad

Rasputin (the mad monk) was a legend for various reasons, of which my favourite has to be his bizarre and many attempts to kill him. He had his guts ripped out, but recovered. Was poisened with enough poisen to kill 5 men, but recovered. Was shot, But continued to fight. Eventually they had to shoot him lots and beat him to death and poison him and chuck his body in a river. When they retrieved the body from the river they found his hands upright and his face all contorted. Autopsy showed that he was quite alive after the 'shot him and beat him to death' and it was the fact that he was trapped beneath the ice in the river that eventually led to his demise. When they burnt his body after the autopsy he sat up in the flames as if alive. (shrinking wet tendons in heat with contract and cause a body to contort). And, he had a huge penis. So lets hear it for the fella- what a guy.