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9 Mar 2015

Under The Skin

Under The Skin...what a great film. Thoroughly enjoyed smashing the ol grey matter against the wall on this film. I love having to work to 'get' a film, so much more enjoyment comes from it I find. And that last scene freaked me out- spoiler alert. I did this for a private commission and a massive tip of the hat to my brother Belanger. I should have some for sale in the future- maybe

27 Feb 2015


Originally for SPLASH and now beautifully printed by Hypergiant industries. A 18x24 screen printed poster, 4 colours and a limited edition of 90. Available now: SHOP

26 Feb 2015


I was asked by FAMP posters to design a piece for La Haine and almost bit their arm off at the offer. This is one of those films that makes a difference in my life. It helped me think about film differently, think more about art and society and honestly, how I measure film from here on in. I really could wax lyrical about this amazing film and I really hope I did it justice. Read more at Famp and buy the super limited edition of only 50 here SHOP 

16 Feb 2015

Death Shall Have No Dominion

For Disturbia. I took the title from a Dylan Thomas poem I have on my side. Its a great poem, I recommend you read it- then read everything else by Dylan Thomas. I did this tee because again I like tees with massive gnarly skulls on and never find any I like. you can get it from Disturbia: shop

27 Jan 2015

Waiting For The Night To Fall

I haven't had a chance to post new work here for a while due to a number of reasons but tonight I am launching a new poster and I just love this photo of it.

30 Oct 2014


I was so happy to be asked to join this project. I have always noticed about old horror films was the lighting: was always pink and green- VAMP, comes to mind, the predecessor to Dusk Till Dawn. Todays films it seems to be blue and yellow but then it was pink and blue and I had always said if I do make a film it would be lit in the same way. So, imagine my surprise when I found that others had noticed it too. Love it! Plus I got to do the Fly, I had this idea for a while after doing a piece on Kafka. Hope you enjoy it too. New Rule

23 Sep 2014

Frankenstein: The first Godmachine

I was asked to produce a Frank', for a private collector. I had lots of fun watching the film again and it was nice to remember the real pain, well, not nice but it was good to shed the pollutants of hollywood and remember why it was written. Did you know Mary Shelly the author of the book nearly died from a miscarriage? The pain, I can barely imagine or want to. Losing something, someone, like that...... I have a few for sale here STORE

6 Sep 2014


I was asked to produce a piece about Army Of Darkness for a private commission. Deadites!

I did this piece a long time ago, and while still experimenting with Beardsley etc I wanted to always make sure that I brough something new to the table- my own style as it were. I didnt want to be someone who just wanted to be Beardsley- I wanted to always be me. For this one I took the colours I have seen in so many old metal posters of the 70's and used them to make something I am very happy with and at a massive 38 x 12 inches its becomes a very striking piece. 4 colour screen print, signed, numbered, limited edition and with a free sticker. Available now: SHOP

7 Aug 2014

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Im not even going to talk about this film, you all know it, you all love it, its awesome, job done. Im not even gonna talk about Arrow Video, they are amazing, they are part of our culture, game over, they're brilliant.I originally did the artwork for Skuzzels.com, but time ran out on a license and they missed out on printing it, which was a shame but they were nothing but gentlemen about it. Later on my friends and awesome poster dudes: Underthefloorboards.com hooked me up with Arrow films. I sent them my artwork and their designers put together this awesome covers using what I gave them. Proud to be a part of this, now all I have to do it buy a blur-ray play...I know I know...but I still have a tape player and buy CDs.

5 Jun 2014

The Earth Grew Dark

I really don't know about where the title came from or the idea. Someone at the show likened it to the kiss, I can see it somewhat. But basically in keeping with my negative space experiments and slightly imposing non-entities, there is this. This is one of my personal favourites for Disturbia and stull one of many that have yet to be launched.

1 Jun 2014

New Valhalla

I actually drew this piece well over a year ago and it sat in a folder since recently being snapped up by an awesome record company: Basick Records. I actually posed for the shot as reference- I used to have long hair but the beard is still here.  I finally got to show it off at my solo show after all this time. A small limited edition of only 50 was made available here. BUY

27 May 2014

My Book

I have just released a book of my work from the past 7 years...I think, I cant really remember how long Ive been doing this but I know its not long enough to have a book...surely? I have put together a compilation of most of my work spanning my entire career and a few bits extra. There isnt much of my earlier work in there but there will be a hell of a lot not many people at all will have seen. I was asked to include a load of snaps of my life and friends around me too, and a load of old sketches, some from 20 plus years ago. I have also asked a few of my friends to send in some quotes about me and my work (Time limits meant I couldn't get through everyone- I am sorry) . I tried to write about myself but its just too painfully awkward so I figured this was best. Also you will see a load of quotes that the publisher pulled from a load of interviews of mine- half of which I cant even remember saying :D. I'll shut up now except leave you with only this- thank you, sincerely- to all my family, my friends, my clients, my (I hate calling you 'fans' or 'followers'- you are more than that- so I'll say:) web friends, comrades, brothers and sisters- you are all nothing short of excellence.
Now go spend: BUY BOOK

19 May 2014

The Bat Man

Another private commission. Its all about the cape, its always about that cape.

17 Apr 2014

The Joker

For a private commission. I enjoyed this a lot; the drawing itself is relatively simple but the smashed mirror makes it something special. I bought 3 mirrors and tried to smash them so I could figure out how to get a great smash. Turns out you cant control the way a mirror smashes so had to make it up through trial and error. For me the Joker (and batman for that matter) are basically unhinged people, simply insane, and a mirror is a great way to show this, from Twin Peaks to Rollins, a smashed mirror is used to represent a myriad or fractured and intense emotions....yawn....It just looks cool. More to follow.

15 Apr 2014

Disturbia Kiss Of Death

Doing work for seasonal drops means I get lost and forget what I have posted and what I haven't. It was only when I saw this fly past on someones tumblr that I remembered that I did it at all. Even as we speak I am working on winter pieces for companies.

25 Nov 2013

Seven Deaths

Another piece I produced at the start of the year and finally found time to print it as a poster. Sold out now but hopefully there will be a few more soon.

BMX decals

Been a while since Ive posted it seems and there is so much work to post. These are some BMX decals I did at the start of the year, yes they are that old now. The tops or the images are odd because they are transparent and kinda blend/taper into the rest of the bike frame.

1 Oct 2013


A piece I did for Sticker Of The Month Club.

24 Sep 2013

22 Sep 2013

RSI- she who commands beasts.

Fun piece I did for RSI.

14 Aug 2013


To celebrate 400 years of DOOM being the best video game in our solar system I was asked to create a poster for the game. It was available at Quakecon ands is now available now at:  bethsoft.com

9 Aug 2013

Bram Stokers Dracula

The Coppolas version of Dracula has to be one of my favourite. The old school effects and stage like quality of the scenes make it a classic in my mind. I know Keanue is an arguable character in the film but lets not let that spoil it for us. I was thrilled to be asked my Fright Fest Originals to produce a poster for the film and try something beautiful instead of obvious. I hope I've succeded. You can but the poster, limited edition of only 50 from here: http://www.frightfestoriginals.com/frightfestorigi7.html

29 Jul 2013

Black Sabbath art show at Flood Gallery.

   I was lucky enough recently to be asked to contribute to a Black Sabbath show where a number of artists were asked to pick a song and interpret it. I picked Sweet Leaf as it was the first Sabbath song I ever heard and the cough at the beginning made it for me. I was lucky to be amongst a few of the best artists in the UK and in a great UK gallery. Thank you to Chris and his gang and thank you to all who came I had a great night meeting you all. The poster is on sale at: FLOOD GALLERY

24 Jul 2013


Finally its open. I have opened an online store stateside to offer faster and cheaper postage to my overseas brothers, sisters and comrades. In the store for now you will find limited edition prints and T-shirts and although the prints will not be signed I hope I can make up for it with a certificate of authenticity in the way of a limited edition letterpress. First is an image I produced for Disturbia which can be also bought at there store: Nun. Second there is a T-shirt of the Portrait of a Lady which also comes with the letterpress. Enjoy. STORE 2

18 Jul 2013

A Murder

I did a piece for Warpaint press a while back now and we should be on the cusp of releasing another soon. Available from their store HERE.

16 Apr 2013

Bottleneck Gallery / Godmachine

I had another chance to work with my friends over at Bottleneck and this time it was the awesome idea of Glow In The Dark. After thinking about the colour of GID and what else was that colour I easliy arrived at the conclusion of aliens and predators. Jo at bottleneck and working tirelessly with our friends at Vallhal print studios came up with the idea of doing a varient: one with the predator which is very limited and the other as a whole glow in the dark piece. I hope you like them.


Love working with Mishka and I love their work ethic. This was one from last season.

6 Mar 2013

Leon The Professional

Tommygood asked me to produce a poster for the film Leon and I jumped at the chance. It has always been scrawled in my mind as one of my favourite films ever and been many a conversation topic in the pub. I have listened to the soundtrack almost weekly for years now and all of a sudden I was working on ideas for the poster. We were very happy to hear that Luc Besson himself has been involved in the project from the start and gave us all his blessing working with the production company to make sure we had all the right info'. The company and Luc have since requested signed posters for themselves. I feel honoured for such a great and inspirational director would do so. If you are reading this Luc, lets do more ;)  

9 Feb 2013


I was asked to do a piece for the awesome Aborted guys recently with a limited colour palate and I find myself more and more drawn towards using a limited colour palette.

29 Jan 2013

An Unkindness

I started this project about a year ago and am happy to finally finish. The process is called dry point printing and is one of the more time consuming of the techniques. I had been planning to make a video of me screen printing for some time now and thanks to being in a studio where there are many people with many trades I was able to get this documented. I hope the music doesn't make you too sad ;D Available from the store now. Limited edition of 23.

An Unkindness By Godmachine from Yoke Creative on Vimeo.

11 Jan 2013

BMX decals

Over the past few years Ive had the great opportunity to make art for bikes. These are just a few of many from early last year.


19 Dec 2012

Union Recordings

The guys at Union asked me if I could so some 'biomech' stuff for them. Im not really into to but remembered how much I love Hardware (one of my recommended films) so jumped at the chance of doing this for the guys. I'd love to work with them more in the future. I love their stuff: https://soundcloud.com/unionrecs

29 Nov 2012


I recently had the brief to draw a nice pic of the head of Medusa. If you didn't know the real story of Medusa its one of disgusting behavior by the gods; caught being raped by Poseidon, Athena changed her into a horrific creature so ugly she would turn men into stone by her gaze alone. Gods have never been kind or wise. Ive seen many a picture of Medusa but I always wondered whilst not directly looking how a clean cut was achieved, by luck maybe?

25 Nov 2012


Available now from the store.
It is said that Lilith was created at the same time as Adam like an equal, unlike Eve who was made from Adams rib. Lilith refused to be subservient to Adam because she was a strong and proud women. God sent angels to capture her and force her back into the garden of Eden. She refused and vowed her revenge. It is said that you can hear Lilith cries at night, in the wind and in the cries of the animals in the dark. Lilith was also thought to mean 'Owl'. Limited Edition of 75 . 2 Colour Print . 18 x 24 inches . Black stock . Only £25
Each one Signed and numbered. .Shipped world wide

1 Nov 2012

Return Of The Living Dead

I had another chance by the Bottleneck Gallery to produce a piece on the only zombie film I rate by any standards; Return of the Living Dead. I thought about making a montage as most artists do of a film, or picking out a singular item or character or scene as I like to do, but I thought about what was it that haunted my mind and it was finally the video case in the shop that stayed with me all those years: a parody, a homage, I don't care what you want to call it or what I need to call it- I was just happy to do it. Buy the APs available from my store now: STORE

3 Oct 2012

Disturbia Godmachine

I love working with Disturbia they always let me do what I want and get the best out of me. Its easy drawing something someone suggests and sometimes boring, but try drawing for yourself and it gets serious and your head is on the block. I think Frank has realised this and is using it to get the best stuff out of me. I have been working on this idea for over a year or so now and was happy Frank let me do it, not many clients are eager to do something new. Thanks Frank

6 Sep 2012

Crypt Keeper

Was asked to take part in the bottle neck gallery show on the 7th Sept. We struggled a bit because I dont know much about TV or cable and finally decided on this classic. Posters will be available from: http://bottleneckgallery.com/


This is one of those designs I had wanted to do for some time but every time I sent the sketch to a band or clothing label they sent it back and didn't like it, finally some one picked it up but by then I had also decided to do it as a poster too.

9 Aug 2012

Sonisphere 2012

Did another piece for the Sonisphere guys last year...for this year. I'd completely forgotten about it but only just remembered having seen it flash past my tumblr feed, so I guess its all on for a reveal.