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27 May 2014

My Book

I have just released a book of my work from the past 7 years...I think, I cant really remember how long Ive been doing this but I know its not long enough to have a book...surely? I have put together a compilation of most of my work spanning my entire career and a few bits extra. There isnt much of my earlier work in there but there will be a hell of a lot not many people at all will have seen. I was asked to include a load of snaps of my life and friends around me too, and a load of old sketches, some from 20 plus years ago. I have also asked a few of my friends to send in some quotes about me and my work (Time limits meant I couldn't get through everyone- I am sorry) . I tried to write about myself but its just too painfully awkward so I figured this was best. Also you will see a load of quotes that the publisher pulled from a load of interviews of mine- half of which I cant even remember saying :D. I'll shut up now except leave you with only this- thank you, sincerely- to all my family, my friends, my clients, my (I hate calling you 'fans' or 'followers'- you are more than that- so I'll say:) web friends, comrades, brothers and sisters- you are all nothing short of excellence.
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