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9 Dec 2011


As I set to work on the last of the new Disturbia range I realise I have yet to post out last seasons work. I love working with these guys and you are probably sick of hearing me say it, but tough. I love Franks ideas and how he allows me to get on with it, I always seem to do some of my best work for him.

I love this one- Disturbia are well know for 'Subverting popular culture', and with this piece Frank send me a clip of a music video he loved from a while back of this skull pilot. This pilot though is on a mission from logic and religion is trying to thwart his efforts!!

For this piece Frank suggested this idea of 'a magpie collecting jewels and bones, I jumped at the chance and nearly bit his fingers off to let me do a one colour piece like my posters. Which we also planned to do, and did, and came out great.

Ft this one Frank talked about Ophelia and I was nervous at first at how to approach this; from the side, from an angle, from above, how to show water with a limited colour palette etc. I stayed away from textures on this one and left it alone figuring it needed some grace.